Abenteuer Leben – Das Ziel ist alles!

2014 | 1:30 min | 1.78:1 HD | 5D MKII & Panasonic G12

Cinema Trailer for the Jubilee Lecture of Leipzigs Top Alpinist Dr. Olaf Rieck. Prior to the final editing and color grading i took over the nice job as a mountain cameraman on the shots in Austria and Chamonix as well as in saxonian switzerland. Footage from Himalayan and Karakorum Expeditions came from Olaf Rieck himself.


DoP: Ulf Wogenstein
Mountain-Cameraman: Ulf Wogenstein, Olaf Rieck, Christoph Descher
Edit & Color: Ulf Wogenstein
Music: Daniel Barke
Production: Wogenstein Pictures