Wege nach Innen

2017 | 12 min | 1.78 : 1 HD | BMPCC, MKII

In an emphatic short 70 years old saxonian climbing pioneer Bernd Arnold bridges between success in climbing and inner experiences. From the roots of childhood to distant mountain regions and friendship he draws a line back home to present days. Visual Resumé in saxonian sandstone.

Shot & Directed: Ulf Wogenstein
Additional Camera: Tobias Berger, Manuela Staudte
Sound Recordist: Manuela Staudte
Sound Mix: Christoph Wonneberger
Edit & Color: Tobias Berger, Ulf Wogenstein

Music: forever free by Alex Keren
at the very end by Red Echoes
promised by Around Us
so clear by Always Change
filthy hands by Chris Aumen

Stills Archive: Bernd Arnold, Martin Schwiersch, Frank Richter, Karl Däweritz

Production: Wogenstein Pictures