2016 | 3.33 min | 1.78 : 1 | 5D MKII, GoPro

Dr. Olaf Rieck is a proffessional mountaineer, photographer and motivational speaker. Under his Label „Abenteuer Leben“ he leads clients of all ages through the adventureous regions of the himalaya and more. This Trailer shows off the world of his multivision shows. It was shot on location in the Himalayans, the Karakorum, Patagonia, the Alps, Saxonian Switzerland and the surroundings of Leipzig.

Abenteuer Leben – Olaf Rieck from Ulf Wogenstein on Vimeo.

Shot & Directed: Ulf Wogenstein
Mountaincamera: Ulf Wogenstein, Olaf Rieck
Edit & Color: Ulf Wogenstein
Music: Sunshine Music, Reaktor Productions, Score Squad

Production: Wogenstein Pictures