Der Bergkristall

2022 | 53 min | 1.77:1 HD |  GH5

A lovly piece about modern days crystal hunting in the Swizz Alps. The Film follows three groups seeking for the ulimate treasure in different heights of these unforgetable mountain reagions. Starting almost at the ground the camera observes hard work and good times among those people. It’s getting really intersting when we follow a former known vize world champion in ice climbing accross the glaciers or abseiling steep rock faces in order to crawl into tiny caves where he finds the best pieces of crystal. Some of these people make a living out of what they passionate for may it be the search itself or the refinment of the goods in order to make beautiful jewlery out of it.

Director: Anja Reiss
DoP: Ulf Wogenstein
Sound: Enno Winde

Production: Medienkontor Berlin GmbH