Spotless by Hundreds

2016 | 4.46 min | 1,78:1 | Sony FS7 Nikkor Primes, EF Zooms

After the 2015 ECHO Nomination the 2nd music video for the Band Hundreds, signed under UNIVERSAL MUSIC Sublabel EMBASSY OF MUSIC. Produced by Leipzigs Top Music Video Production Company, filmaton.

Script & Director: Michael Klich
DoP: Ulf Wogenstein
1stAC: Tobias Krettek
Props: Smirk
Decoration: Poesie & Purismus
Styling & Costume Design: Laura Krettek
Make Up: Charlotte Trajkovitz
Assistent: Carlos Roberto Zeder
Set Photography: Jean Ferry | Photography
Editor: Michael Klich
Color: Tobias Krettek
3D Effects: Robby Höfler, Michael Klich
Producer: Tobias Krettek
Production Assistance: Ulrike Poppe
Production: filmaton