Central Arts – Zusammenkunst

Centralarts is a young and fresh musical and artistical collaborative inspired by faith and love. Sounds a bit cheesy but was the exact opposite. It was one my greatest gigs throughout the years i have been working behind the camera. So many talented and inspiring people from all different parts of music, arts, lights & sound, moving and still images coming together to work on a great show – simply amazing watching it happen.

Concept & Content – Jonathan Schmidt & Tamara Boppart

Art Director – Jaira Peyer

Lighting Design – Roni Huber

Video Director – Björn Kowalewksy
Dolly Operator – Ulf Wogenstein
Crane Operators – Moritz Rüger & Jacob Schneider
Camera Operators – Leonard von Bibra, Lucas Heubeck, Puk Khanto, Matthias Wagner

Still Photographers – Johanna Buckel & Magdalena Kistner

Editor – Joel Waldvogel
Assistent Editor – Timo Kästner